Recent Sermons


Christ, Our Perfect Example of Forgiving Others

You can read the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 and you will never find a better example of forgiving others than Christ on the cross – “Father, forgive them…..”.  Listen to find out more about Forgiveness defined, forgiveness described and forgiveness demanded.

Why Love the Church?

Some have persecuted the church.  Others have deemed it insignificant.  Still others have sometimes taken the church for granted.  Listen to find out three reasons why you ought to love the church!

The Flood of Noah’s Day, a Type of the Judgment to Come

In many ways of the judgment that God brought upon the world during the days of Noah was a type of the judgment to come.  Listen to find out more!

The Ark, a Type of the Church

An Old Testament type is something (or someone) in the Old Testament that foreshadowed something (or someone) in the New Testament.  A New Testament anti-type is something (or someone) in the New Testament that was foreshadowed by its type in the Old Testament.  Listen to learn how the ark of Noah’s day was a type of the New Testament church.

The Obedience of Noah

Noah’s obedience prior to the flood had many parallels to our obedience prior to the coming judgment.  Listen to find out more!