The following programs/stations contain excellent, Bible based content that can be very helpful in your study.  It is my hope that they will be beneficial to your growth as a Christian.

Gospel Broadcasting Network

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The Truth and nothing but the Truth! The Truth that makes man free!

The Gospel Broadcasting Network is under the direction of the Southaven church of Christ, Southaven, MS.

World Video Bible School


World Video Bible School produces material for study through video, audio, and the written page.

In Search of the Lord’s Way


In Search of the Lord’s Way is a television ministry of the Edmond church of Christ, Edmond, OK.

Public Discussion of Baptism

On May 27, 2016 and May 28, 2016, Jack Honeycutt of the Willette church of Christ and Michaeel Brawner, a Missionary Baptist preacher, discussed the essentiality of baptism for the remission of sins.  Jack affirmed the proposition, “The scriptures teach a person must be baptized in water as a requirement for salvation.”  Michael Brawner affirmed the proposition, “The scriptures teach a person’s last requirement for soul salvation  is faith only in Jesus Christ, coming from the heart.”  Mike Hixon and Bart Warren hosted the Gospel Broadcasting Network’s coverage of the event.

Part 1

Part 2