Jesus Heals a Paralytic

I16_they-lowered-the-bed-downn Mark 2:1-12, I read about four men who carried their paralytic friend to a house where Jesus was staying.  I’m sure these men did not know at the time that, approximately two thousand years later, they would be teaching us lessons about faith.  First, notice that Jesus saw their faith.  Jesus saw their faith by their actions.  Without being accompanied by action, their faith would have been a dead faith and of no help to their friend.  The kind of faith that is pleasing to God is always accompanied by action, by obedience, by works.

Second, their faith was demonstrated in their care for their friend.  They had faith that Jesus was able to heal their friend.  They knew that Jesus had a power that no ordinary man had.  Also, they had faith Jesus would heal.  They knew Jesus was capable and compassionate.

Third, these men had a persistent, determined faith.  When they saw the crowd around the house and realized they could not even get near the door they had to make a decision.  They could have simply given up and gone home.  They could have waited, hoping the crowd would thin out.  Instead, they were determined not to let anything prevent them from bringing their friend to Jesus.  They went to the roof of the house, broke a hole in the roof, and lowered their friend down to Jesus.  Jesus announced that the paralytic’s sins were forgiven and then healed the man of his palsy.  As Christians, we need to posses that same type of faith – a faith that is accompanied by actions, is demonstrated in our care for others, and is persistent, not allowing anything, or anyone, to stand between us and Christ.  Want to hear more of the story?  Go to the recent sermons page of this blog, and listen to “Jesus Heals a Paralytic.”

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