Thanks For All You Do!

Today, just as many of you no doubt did as well, I spent time looking at pictures of the events of September 11, 2001.  Most of us can remember that day well – as we watched on television, listened on the radio, or read about it in the newspapers.

The two pictures included in this post caught my attention because of their obvious contrast.  The first shows crowds of people running from the site of the twin towers in New York.  Understandably afraid because of the noise of the explosions, the sight of the falling buildings and debris that littered the air, the people rush to get further away from the horrific sight.

The second picture shows a different group of people.  While frightended people were running out of the area of danger; firefighters, medical personnel, and others were running into the area of danger.  Many of these people, attempting to save others, lost their own lives as a result.

Wherever you live, whether in a large city or a smaller town, take the time to give thanks for those men and women who risk their lives while protecting ours.

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